To advocate for high quality environmental education in New Hampshire, and to provide a forum for networking and professional development for environmental education.


The vision for New Hampshire Environmental Educators is to be the premier professional environmental education organization in the state by the year 2024.  NHEE works to attain this vision through effective communication, membership growth, strong governance, continued financial stability, and advocacy for environmental education.


  • All aspects of professionalism while specifically providing models of leadership, effective communication and excellence.
  • Community, cooperation and support; inviting all people in an atmosphere of inclusivity and accessibility.
  • Stewardship, sustainability, and recognizing people as being connected to the natural world.
  • Experiential education that is meaningful, interactive, and encourages a sense of place.

History of NHEE

After meeting informally for some time, New Hampshire Environmental Educators officially formed in 1979 and is now recognized as a non-profit organization in New Hampshire.  NHEE is governed by a volunteer board of directors.