NHEE could use your help.  Are you interested in volunteering?

Over the next few years, we want to focus on fostering connections throughout the state.  We want to bring New Hampshire’s Environmental Literacy Plan (ELP) to the forefront and make EE an easily accessible priority for teachers and administrators.  We want to make people aware of the great work that is already being done in NH and develop new partnerships with diverse groups. 

We could use your creativity, organizational skills, and energy to help make these and other initiatives happen.  Connect with us.  Volunteer on a specific project or on one of our sub-committees (ELP, communication, finance, membership,  annual conference) or, better yet, become a board member. Visit our contact page if you are interested! 

Get involved on a national level.

North American Association for Environmental Education

North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) can point you in the right direction.