2023 EE of Year

Stephanie Bowser

Project SEE Concord School District

Congratulations to Stephanie Bowser! Below are two quotes from nomination letters that sum up why Steph deserves this award.

"As Program Coordinator for Project SEE, Stephanie has continued to bring the Project SEE curriculum, lessons, and field trips to every student in the Concord School District. No matter where a student comes from, what they look like, what language they speak, or anything else they might have going on in their lives. The field trips and lessons associated with Project SEE are open to, and available for, every student in the Concord School District from kindergarten to grade six." -Hillary Chapman, Program Assistant, Project SEE

"Project SEE is a program that has been a part of the Concord School District for over 50 years. SEE stands for Science and Environmental Education. When I joined SEE in 2015, it was clear that Stephanie, who had started several years before me, was already an established leader of the team....Stephanie led Project SEE through the pandemic with consistency and boldness and made a way for the students of Concord to still receive high quality science and environmental education. Stephanie’s idea was to create a website that could be a hub for all things Project SEE and that students and teachers would be able to access all content from home. Each week, Stephanie made sure her team released new content that was both NGSS aligned and created opportunities for students to get outside and experience nature...Many teachers and students will still mention how much these videos meant to them and which ones are their favorites. In a time where SEE could have easily shut down, Stephanie boldly rewrote the program and made sure that teachers and students felt connected and had opportunities to connect to the natural world. Here is the website if you would like to check it out: https://sites.google.com/sau8.org/remote-learning-concord-school/elementary-sci ence-resources" -Sarah Bengtson, 4th Grade Teacher, Broken Ground School, Concord School District